The Red Damn Baron

October 16, 2007

You know me. Any one biplane is usually enough to get me in front of a movie. With Lena Headey and a hundred biplanes (plus triplanes, plus zeppelins), the forthcoming German film, The Red Baron, is now engaged to be married to my money. (It’d have to be pretty bad to keep me from buying the DVD. I own Flyboys.)

Oh, and that logo? Indecipherable, perhaps ā€” my wife thought it said “The Hed Barm” ā€” but I love it anyway. If you’re still on the fence (traitor), look at this glorious effects reel from the film and listen to yourself say “wow.”

Music: Clem Snide, “Evil Vs. Good”



  1. There comes a time in a man’s life where he must worship technology for what it can bring to him both visually and spiritually. I am unashamedly entering into that time.
    Wow. Fucking biplane mania.

  2. If you wish hard enough, and see Red Baron at least three times, this just may come true.

  3. Wow. Please tell me this movie will be available somehow in the States. šŸ™‚

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