The Stats, They Do Nothing

July 15, 2007

This week saw a record-breaking number of hits for the Gist, here. This week also saw me coming within one visitor of the lowest traffic I’ve ever had in a single day since I switched to WordPress. I won’t tell you how few (uh, I mean, how many) people seem to view the site every day, because that just seems like bad marketing. And, besides, once you start talking about box office or ratings, that’s all anybody seems to care about. But I will tell you that I got a lot more comments (glorious, ego-feeding, self-hate-soothing attention, both good and bad) when I was posting on the old LJ.

But, oh my, is WordPress so much better. It just doesn’t seem to be where the gamers, or the geeks, or the gamer-geeks hang out. Nor does it seem to be MySpace, which, just so we’re clear, is the urine-soaked underpass of the Internet where teenage runaways and two-bit hookers hoping to make it one day as three-bit hookers all hang out, dry-hump dancing like desperate coworkers in a Holiday Inn room-party, telling everyone they know that they are special in the hopes that someone else will friend them and say, “you’re special, too.” Or, barring that, have drunken sex with them.

I think it was “The Bourne Speculation” that did it, based on the sheer number of trailer-sniffing spam-bots that came by thinking I was in the market for a recreational vehicle, that got me the traffic. Most of it actually came in the day I posted “Had It A Minute Ago”, though I can’t imagine that a lot of people linked in to either. So my money is on the roving robots employed by trailer-selling strangers suffering through a slow year in the RV market.

The sole purpose of this entry is to be an entry.



  1. I still read you through the LJ feed and don’t come by to comment very often at all. Your experience is pretty much identical to my experience comparing Nikchick.com to its LJ version.

  2. this has nothing to do with the post but I just ran across this little game and thought you would enjoy if you haven’t already heard of it.


  3. All right, Taylor, that’s pretty pretty fucking cool. Too close to something else I want to do… but rad all the same. Have you played it?

  4. Nicole, do you think it’s a gamer thing? Is the gaming community just glommed on to LJ for some reason?

  5. I wish. Unfortunatly my college days are over and St. Jude Children’s research hospital is not the place to be playing Zombies vs. Humans. Not until I release the nanovirus in BSL4…Muhuhahaha!

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