Layover in Charlotte

July 4, 2007

A nice, small airport they’ve got here. I’m enjoying free WiFi and a really nice office chair courtesy of Bank of America, whose services we’ve just decided to abandon back in Atlanta. Maybe if they offered me free WiFi and a comfy office chair at Hartsfield-Jackson, I’d think about staying on as their customer.

I’m en route to Columbus for Origins, where I am a Guest of Honor this year. It’s my first time as a Guest of Anything, much less Honor. Here’s hoping they can’t sense my lack of honor when I arrive.

I barely got here. Not because the flight was rough, or because I almost missed my flight from Atlanta (though I did almost miss my flight from Atlanta), but because I almost didn’t wake up on the plane. If not for a nice guy waiting to disembark, who tapped me on the shoulder (either out of neighborly helpfulness or fear that I was a corpse), I might’ve just kept sleeping until noon, when the plane landed in Omaha or something after taking on more passengers.

Instead of sleeping last night, I got in a quick RPG session (from, I don’t know, 9pm to 1am?) and then rushed, panicking, through packing and preparations for the trip. Meaning, you understand, that Sara did the packing while I gathered together USB cables and charges, then took a nap with the dog. So I’m on about an hour of sleep, plus the hour I got the plane, plus the hour I expect to get on the next plane. I’ll be dizzy, stumbling, mumbling and nonsensical by this afternoon, when usually I don’t get like that until the second or third day of the convention.

Seriously, I expect this to be a quieter Origins for me. For one, I really want to get a chance to converse with some people that I seldom see, and the heavy drinking sometimes makes that hard. For another thing, a coworker and I have plans to make this a fact-finding and opinion-gathering expedition. This year I’m more interested in picking the brains of smart people than seeing what the inside of my own skull looks like.

That, and saving my per-diem pennies for the flight of rare Madeiras at dinner on Saturday.


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