Remembering Nina’s

June 12, 2007

By following a link through the blog of the inestimable Jeff Tidball, I cam upon a review of Nina’s coffee shop at Cafeapolis, a site touring the Twin Cities’ coffeehouses. I’m happy to say that I visited most of those shops when I was living there, but I happened to live one block from Nina’s (I could see it from my apartment) and spent quite a bit of time there… even though I didn’t find that comfortable a place to work. Always a nice staff, though.

Looking at the current photos, though, I see they’ve put in nice chairs and a sofa and all that. Likewise, Garrison Keillor (that’s quite a long tie, Garrison) has put a little bookstore into the basement shop directly below Nina’s, linked by a little hundred-year-old staircase. When I was there, it was an overpriced but nice art supply store. Having a book store a block from the house would’ve been dangerous (but also would’ve been an example of exactly why I love living in cities), so I’m relieved and jealous.

I once stood behind Garrison Keillor in line at Nina’s. He lives in the neighborhood. If he wasn’t easy enough to recognize by his hair, his jaw would’ve given him away. I like The Writer’s Almanac quite a bit, and have enjoyed some of his other writing, but absolutely cannot stand A Prarie Home Companion. So I was conflicted there, standing next to him, but just for a moment. Then I got over it and went on with my day.

Anyway, if you happen to still be in the Twin Cities, visit Nina’s.


One comment

  1. My parents always thought Prairie Home Companion was hilarious. I heard an off-color bit (ok, off-color for Garrison Keeler) when I was in high school, that totally put me off of him. In later years, it’s been kinda funny to listen to, just because I think I met most of his characters, at point in time or another, while living in Minnesota. Still, definitely not as into it as my parents.

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