More Than A Year’s Worth of Text Messages

April 16, 2007

As part of this weekend’s spring cleaning, housekeeping and self-deluding, I went through and deleted a metric slew of stale text messages that have been sitting on my phone. Some of these things have been in there for a year or more. I tell myself that I’m deleting all this in preparation for getting a new phone, but that’s a ways off yet. (Read: After the IRS pays me my money.)

These messages come from a dozen different people (left mercifully anonymous here) and pertain to a dozen different events. Some of these may be obvious (a midnight screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark), others make sense if you’ve been reading for a while, and remember when I got stranded at an airport in Laredo, Texas, for a bunch of hours. Some don’t make any sense at all anymore. At least one didn’t make any sense when I got it.


Throw me the whip, I’ll throw you the idol. No time to argue!

Go to mexico. I can make some calls for you.



Customer just called me an “arrogant bomb”

Gregory Hines!
Gregory hines
Gregory hines

Yeah rowdy hit that!

Frosty mug!

No can defend

No. We sold him to a poor Hungarian family.

The intern dave is a trainwreck

In my pantsu.

Mississippi Githyanki FORTRESS.

New Hampshire Yoda BRIS.

Six demon bag!!!!!



  1. Mississippi githyanki? A frightening thought.

  2. It was just part of a whole series of states and creatures and things we somehow got to sending back and forth. I can’t think of a single one I sent, not in the face of the fortress and the bris.

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