March 12, 2007

More than anything else, I widgets I use are:

Oxford American Dictionary*
Screenshot Plus
Image Shackle

*(Came with OS X)

That’s really it. I’m not interested in widgets of swimming fish or dancing Master Chieves (or Chiefs). I have a Wikipedia widget that I don’t use (too small), a colored post-it widget (that doesn’t seem to do anything), and I just realized I have a calendar in there that I have been blind to for six months. Huh.

So I put it to you: What other widgets should I be using?



  1. I use Word Counter pretty frequently, when writing 25-word reviews in a text editor (TextWrangler) that doesn’t have convenient word counting.

  2. Jeff — is that more convenient than hitting Apple-I to bring up the Info screen, and then dismissing it with the ESC key?

    Will — I’m dashboard free, personally. I haven’t found enough to compel me to re-enable it. I’m far happier having a bunch of small apps that sit in my application directory, and with Quicksilver I can call them up with a few keystrokes instead of having to hunt around or fill my dock with dozens of apps.

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