Gems from CNN.com

January 21, 2007

(Things continue to be crazy at work and in general. For the sake of it, I post another half-finished post from my drafts folder:)

Headline: “Jolie shocked by Madonna attacks”

Do they mean, “Jolie, shocked by Madonna, attacks,” do you think? Is that a personal shock or maybe like a static shock, from the carpet? Perhaps they mean, “Jolie shocked by Madonna’s attacks,” though I haven’t heard anything about Madonna attacking Jolie or anyone else since.

Headline: “Latest winter blast hits; at least 8 die”

Presumably, in this case, the writer means “8 or more die.” In which case, if we’re reporting facts (CNN? Hmm? What’re we doing?), perhaps the headline should just read, “8 die,” until some other number is verified. Otherwise I’ll assume that CNN believes 8 deaths is the silver lining on the most recent winter storm. I mean, sure, it snowed but, hey, at least eight people died, right?

From the body of an article: “The island has a new airport to replace the one that was engulfed by lava flows and a 700-seat concert hall.”

How’d they get all the airplanes out of that concert hall, I wonder?

(Music: Tarkio, “Standing Still”)


One comment

  1. Yup, as the brits say… “Truly shocking..”

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