How I Work

January 3, 2007

150 songs. 10.4 hours. Click shuffle and get to work.



  1. Mine is slightly (ok, much) more complicated. All songs are imported into iTunes with one star. Upon hearing a song, if I was particularly delighted that it came up, I increase the song’s rating by one star. If, upon hearing a song, I am particularly bored or upset, said song’s rating is lowered by one star.

    I have a dynamically-updating playlist called “not recently played” which contains songs that have not been heard in the last X days (where X is usually some number between 7 and 30).

    I set my “Party Shuffle” to play songs from that playlist, and tell it, “Yes, please player higher-rated songs more often.”

    Then I scrobble all the results to my last.fm profile (http://www.last.fm/user/screamsandreams).

    Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not difficult once it’s configured.

    If I’m on another computer I use Pandora.

  2. Nice. My iTunes sidebar is cluttered, choking, with playlists I’ve made for various nights of work. (I used to make lots of mix tapes and was an amateur DJ for a while, so I have a love of playlists.) Yet, for some stupid reason, I’ve never really made use of the iTunes ratings or of last.fm, though. I should.

    Except for playlists, though, I don’t like to break up albums, too much, even if I’m willing to mix them together. Call me old fashioned, I guess.

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