New Comics Haul for November

December 1, 2006

Skip town for a month and, when you get back, you owe the comic shop a lot of money. Today I went, collected my books, and payed somebody’s rent, I’ll bet. Here’s what I got:

Zombies vs. Robots #1: From “The Eisner Award Losing Team!” of Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood comes this thing I’d never heard of but bought because I looked at it and, then, couldn’t not buy it.

Nextwave #9 and #10: Alas, Craig Grant and I totally called it and Nextwave turns out to be too good to continue. Fortunately, it’s ending for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, it hasn’t started being awful, so this is going to be painful break-up.

Loveless #12 and #13: I’d venture to guess that I read about half the issues of this, even though I subscribe. (I need to hit a minimum number of titles or I don’t get my discount at Criminal.) Still, I go through every issue for the look of it and like what I see.

Conan#34: The Sons of Bel: Cary Nord, Dave Stewart, Tony Harris, Jim Clark and JD Mettler all together? Swoon.

Conan #33: Dogs of the Hills: Holy fucking awesome! Did Conan just cut that dude in half, length-wise, right on the fucking cover?!

Daredevil #90 & #91: Is this still good? I thought it was, with it’s new International Man Without Fear But Of Mystery style, but I realize that I have pretty much no recollection of what was going on in the last two issues. These two covers remind me that Paris, France is involved, somehow, and that Daredevil is fighting a matador. An actual matador.

Ex Machina #24: I can’t read an issue of Ex Machina. I have to read two, three or four of them at a time. So I get them, save them up, and then read a bunch of them at once while I’m backing up files or something. Unfortunately, this is the first issue of a new build-up for me, so it’ll be at least another month before I reach critical Ex Machina mass again.

Fear Agent #8: Mostly, I get this to fill out my subscription list. I like the way it looks but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually read a whole issue. Need a sci-fi fix, though, so.

Marvel Civil War #5: Did I read #4 yet? What the hell happened with Thor?

Mouse Guard: Midnight’s Dawn: The writing on this book is often stilted, but I look forward to every issue. The only thing it is more than sweetly drawn is brilliantly imagined. This issue is especially lovely. Go get it.

Talent #4: I am quite sure that I haven’t seen an issue of this since #1, which I liked just fine but thought should’ve played in an hour on television. My subscriptions are all fucked up.

Fell #1: I’m pretty sure I never actually bought this one, and I know I’m missing a couple of other early issues. Did #7 come out while I was away and I missed it? If so, I’ll set a puppy on fire unless you turn over #7 right away.


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