Six-Word Stories

October 26, 2006

You’ve seen this one doing the rounds on the internet. Tell a story in six words. Apparently it got started by this thing in Wired. (I haven’t read the newest issue yet.) Over lunch, I decided to play:

“Marry me. …Jane?” “I heard you.”
“I’m innocent, lover.” He believed her.
“Plea?” “No.” “Plea.” “Fuck you.” “Plead.”
He looked at her like that.
They’re here. They’re invisible. I’m sure.
Help me move this body, Andy.
Sorry to say, but, you died.
Asshole, don’t mean nothing by it.
Suffer, weep, lament. Pursue, kill, regret.

This one’s for you, Internet:
OMG, Betty, WTF? Weak, noob, ROFLMAO.

Special Geek Movie Edition:
There are snakes on this plane.
I see dead people, but shhh.
Marla, say my name. Tyler Durden!
You can dream, Newt. Also, die.
Get away from her, you bitch!
Rosebud? What the fuck is that?
All worlds are yours, except Europa.
Two men enter, one man leaves.


One comment

  1. I read it and I laughed.

    We’re hallucinating. Oh, it’s just me.
    When did I buy this?
    I must have blacked out.

    This is a fun drinking game.

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