Big Sale of Game Books*

October 24, 2006

*[Not “Big Game Book Sale,” because not all of the game books I’m selling are big.]

We’re selling off a large volume of RPG books that I’ve collected over the years. Some of these are oddities I’ve kept just for this purpose (e.g., the 2001 adventure adaptation for Star Frontiers) while others are once-beloved books that I just don’t have the room to keep or the time to use. Some of these are beaten to hell. Some are in very nice shape and are being sold just so we can keep feeding the cat.

Unless someone points me at a better venue, we’ll be selling a bunch of these on eBay. Got a suggestion? Put it in the comments, if you please.

Before we put stuff on eBay, though, we’ll put the list of books up here so some of you can put your dibs on them before they go out to the groundlings. Books we sell through here will get some kind of freebie thing packed in with it, whether it’s an old AD&D module or a pack of Young Indiana Jones trading cards. So stand by for that, ready your PayPal account and tell your friends.

Noise: The Servant, “Jack the Ripper”


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