October 22, 2006

We’re a weird people, the wife and I. Most of the summer, I’ve fled our nice back deck unless hot dogs were actively being grilled. Now I’m sitting out here in the October weather, with my laptop, beaming words onto the internet and sipping hot cider. I love autumn. Inside, Sara’s baking pumpkin cake (I swear to God) and white-bean chicken chili’s been stewing all day. Tonight, we’ll eat apples and caramel. I love autumn.

It’s these little things that keep me humming along during these crazy stretches when work gets nuts. I thought I’d solved my email problems, but it turns out I only solved my outgoing email problems. Thanks to some e-consultations with my IT guru, though, I think they’re solved. We’ll see, I guess. In the meantime, this has slowed down an already way-late book and added to my super-secret stress level in pretty alarming ways.

Sleeping? Not something I’ve been doing the last couple of days.

Yesterday, to stay productive but also get a gulp of air, I spent 90 minutes recording and editing material for the new format of the White Wolf podcast. But it turns out I don’t understand quite how Garage Band understands highlighting and clicking, so I unknowingly deleted the track of original voice-over stuff, which represented about an hour out of those 90 minutes. So that’s all gone. Hopefully I’ll re-record some of it when I start feeling stymied again tonight.

To keep working, I’ve been chasing whatever little changes in scenery I can, going from Inman Perk to the kitchen table to the office to the deck and even back, briefly, to Azeroth. Add the housekeeping stuff, the unpacking and sorting of stuff for eBay, the meeting with the termite guy and the gutter guy, and a few attempts to get out and be social long enough for people to remember I’m here, and things are crazy. I feel like I’m moving through syrup, inch by inch.

But the clincher is that I’m working almost solely on stuff that I love, right now. I’m just fighting to keep myself from resenting anything, because when you consider the wife and the dogs and the friends and the job, everything’s good. There’s just so much stuff, is all.

Damn. I didn’t mean for this to be one of those posts, but I guess it is. If I’ve bored you away, go have some hot cider and pumpkin bread. Makes everything better.

Noise: Calexico, The Black Light



  1. No, not bored. But I’ll go eat some pumpkin, caramel, and apples. Thanks for the review of “The Prestige”, I was worried it wasn’t that good. ; )

  2. Hard work, good people, and time makes for truly wonderful things. Instant Gratification is a thrill, but this sounds like the fruits (apple at least) of good labor. Makes life in Las Vegas feel dusty and dry. That whole “love” thing… seems to take a lot of energy, but gives so much more back. damn.

    I really have to see The Prestige. Ricky Jay is an amazing man. Go see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D if you can. It’s a joy.

    Also, buy anything by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. I saw them last night and was blown away. They’re on Alternative Tentacles. Dig.

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