Seraphim and Seaweed Swim

October 15, 2006

Some new changes around here, done as a feature of burnout and promises. (I absolutely cannot stand to look at my word processor anymore. Oh, man. Tomorrow’s another day, but this weekend I was the drain at the bottom of the time sink when it came to getting full-time-job work done.) For some time I’ve been meaning to do up a logo and a front-page link for Sara’s re:Paper studio, and that’s finally done. Go see for yourself.

Did you even remember that the front page was there?

Also, as a byproduct of fiddling with logos and fixing the background image on the re:Paper blog, I finally redesigned the “about” page and clients list part of the site to reflect this crowd-of-words look I wanted to use on another page, now defunct. If you remember the mostly white design from before, this one’s a pretty big change. (If I don’t get to do some of this graphic design work pretty regularly, I find it almost impossible to keep doing text-only work like day-job development and editing stuff.)

So go look at those pages and let me know what you think.

Noise: The Decemberists, “The Island (The Landlord’s Daughter)”


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