David Rakoff, Reminded

October 13, 2006

If David Rakoff had a blog, you’d let me know, right?

Once again, I’m listening to Rakoff’s Don’t Get Too Comfortable in the car. It’s still good. In fact, now it’s even better, because you can get it now in softcover, with all the essays missing from the audiobook. So, while I absolutely recommend the paper book for all of its bonus essays, I also have to urge you to get the audiobook, if only to hear the essay, “I Can’t Get It For You Wholesale,” come to life.

It’s not quite as sharp as the audiobook (Rakoff doesn’t push the Georgia O’Keefe International Airport joke as hard as he does in the audiobook), but you can hear Rakoff reading a short snippet from the book right here. So do it.


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