The Crane Wife, Again

October 8, 2006

Now that I’ve spent almost a week with The Crane Wife, let me revisit my opinion of it. First of all, forget whatever the hell I said previously about this album. The final verdict is this: It’s excellent.

If you don’t think The Crane Wife is excellent, that’s your right. It’s not against the law to be stupid and smell bad and have smart people pity you the way cinephiles pity the blind. Woe to you, though.

In other news, it seems there’ve been some headaches and mysteries regarding bonus tracks for this album. To be honest, after writing my complain letter to iTunes, I’m not much in the mood to retell the whole boring tale, so I’ll just give you the short version:

iTunes has a special exclusive version of the album, sporting a bonus track (“After the Bombs”) and a digital booklet, which I presume is the liner notes. On Tuesday, when I bought the album, the link on iTunes took me to a version without these treats. The next day I heard about it, sought it out, and found that the bonus edition costs the same as the lamer edition I got ($9.99). I complained, Apple responded promptly, refunding my money so I could buy the fancier edition and not be out ($9.99). As of yesterday, though, the fancier edition is now $11.99 and also not working. Now, that price is fair — pay $2 for an extra song (99 cents) and the digital notes (99 cents), or pay $9.99 to skip that stuff — and makes it clear why they would even offer the lamer version at all. But since the sweeter version doesn’t even work right now (it is “being modified”), I’m just relieved that I have any version at all.

Because the album is totally rad. I don’t know if I mentioned that.

Anyway, it seems that if you buy the physical CD for the album, you get a link or a code or something that leads you to a bonus track available from Capitol Records. Only, it turns out, that bonus track is in a file format that doesn’t so much work for folks with Macs. To make matters even worse, this bonus song, called “Culling the Fold”, is fucking awesome, classic Decemberists goodness. Fortunately, some nice folks over at the Decemberists forums have sorted it all out, and the song is now Mac-ready, so if you’ve bought the album and thought to yourself, “I just can’t get enough of this!” then get ye to the above link, ’cause there really is more to not get enough of.

One more thing. Does anybody know if TheCraneWife.com is supposed to do anything? ‘Cause when I go by, it just sits there with its hand out, asking for postal codes and email addresses.

Updated: Problem solved. The special iTunes version of the album, with “After the Bombs” and digital liner notes, is now working and only $9.99. So go get it.

Noise: The Decemberists, “Culling the Fold”



  1. Quick question. Do you own a record player? I’d say buy it on Vinyl. It’s a tad more expensive, but you get wonderful BIG liner notes AND you can wrap your arms around it and smell it and love it and call it George. I’m completely serious.

  2. I do have a record player, but it’s a dusty cabinet set from the 1940s, designed to play 78s, and I’m not even wholly sure that it works ’cause I’m afraid to plug it in and start an electrical fire. So I’m not so much playing records, no.

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