The Crane Wife

October 4, 2006

The new album by The Decemberists came out today. It’s called The Crane Wife. It is very good. Quite different. Also, very good.

Now for the bad news. And by “news,” I mean, of course, “potentially saddening responses to the question I am about to ask.” That question is this: What am I missing out on by getting the album bright and early this morning via iTunes rather than buying it physically in a nice, warm record store?

Noise: The Decemberists, “The Perfect Crime #2”



  1. I downloaded “The Crane Wife” the minute I got home from work; even though I passed by Reckless Records. I did not even think to duck in and pick up a hard copy of it.

    But god damn, I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I got it.

  2. What you’re missing is the chance, someday, to rip the CD in Apple’s handy Lossless format, which sounds Jim-Dandy-fine blasting through your stereo system via Airport. If that’s not enough — um, you’re also missing the liner notes, probably.

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