Running Scared

October 2, 2006

Intense, ridiculous, overwrought and cartoonish to the extent that a Russian shot through the eyes of his cowboy tattoo (spoiler!) can be. This thing wanders into various weird levels of absurdity, but without losing its momentum. When I remembered, though, that I'd read about the story's fairy-tale elements, it all came together. (Though, for clarity's sake, I feel like mentioning to the director that the Brothers Grimm died long before Lewis Carroll was born.) I'm happy to say that I spotted the Mad Hatter, the Blue Fairy and the Hansel[1] and Gretel elements without having to be pointed at them. The Looking Glass/Rabbit Hole and some other stuff got by me.

Anyway, it's bloody, absurd, filled to the brim with foul language and creepy or nasty situations, and recommended.

[1] Hansel? Hansel?! Hansel?? Sometimes I miss Bugs Bunny terribly.

Noise: She Wants Revenge, “Tear You Apart”


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