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September 27, 2006

So, I seem to be losing somewhere around 80% of the attachments I try to send via email. The bigger the attachment, the more likely it kills the messenger. Anybody have any idea what I might do to correct this problem? I didn’t used to have this kind of trouble, but it’s now causing me a great deal of trouble at work, both around the office and as a freelancer. Help!


Exquisite Corpse

September 27, 2006

While out drinking for my birthday last month, some friends of mine did up this exquisite corpse on a paper napkin at the bar. The last of the artists, as you can see, didn’t quite know the rules of the form.

As for accuracy: not so much with the tentacles or the chest hair or the sunglasses, but the dry elbows and the beard and the lobster claws are about right.



September 7, 2006

Let’s do a quick lap of the things I think this blog is about, even though it’s so often not:

Writing: Ask me for a thousand words on games or movies and I’ll write that, no problem. Ask me to write a two-minute speech for the wedding of two of my favorite people on the planet, and I’ll pry two screws out of my skull before I manage to find two words that make sense next to each other.

Games: Pieces of Eight is probably the best game I brought back from Gen Con, even though I have some trouble remembering how all the coins work. It’s fun to handle and tinker with, fun to be seen playing, easy to teach and — wait for it — fun to play.

Music: Samples of The Crane Wife, the new-in-October album coming from The Decemberists, are now online here.

Movies: Here’s the site where I found Chuck Russel’s script for a Neuromancer movie that never was. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the Neuromancer I’d want to see, either.

Television: At Dragon-Con, I got to meet the investigators from The Ghost Hunters. Nice guys, friendly and busy. At least a couple of them used to play our games (or still do), which is always a treat to hear. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a real trip, and available with iTunes.

Books: Any page now, I expect The Black Dahlia to get to the part about the Black Dahlia. Sometime on this trip, I’ll be starting in on my advance copy of The Beautiful Cigar Girl and re-reading my worn-curly copy of Neuromancer. While in Michigan, I’m sure to go looking for books on local ghosts and such; I’ll let you know.

Travel: Soon I’ll be back in Michigan for the first time in, what, three years? Four? First I’ll be stopping in the area of New Buffalo for some heart-warming festivities, then I’ll be retreating farther north, where Chicago weekenders usually won’t go, where my folks are retiring, where I won’t be able to do anything but fret about the work I’m not doing this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be so stuffed with hot dogs, wine and lake views that I’ll forget to fret.

Food: I had one of these weird bohemian-hipster alternative colas at the Pot Belly sandwich joint in Midway Airport, in Chicago, last month and damn if it wasn’t tasty. If you can find it, you should try it.

Embarrassing Geekery: I’m not proud to have watched this very cheesy YouTube Star Wars remix thing, but I have to admit that it demonstrates a pretty sound sense of editing, especially compared to all the damned “Anakin/Nickelback Tribute” garbage that’s in there. If nothing else, stick around for its little recap of the movie titles, early on.

Oddities: This is my wallet. When someone notices it, I know they are intelligent. When someone remarks about it, I know they are some kind of rad. When someone is skeptical about it, I know they take this kind of thing too seriously. I mean, look at it: it’s shiny and has moving parts. It is good.

Noise: 30 Days episode, “Jail”


A Note on Usage:

September 6, 2006

For the record, the phrase “I couldn’t have said it better myself” is not a compliment if you, the speaker, are a garbled cretin.


Widgets, Etc.

September 5, 2006

This post is just me testing a Blogger widget which has only been sort of working up until now. Carry on.


Weird/Wonderful, Idea/Cover

September 5, 2006

If you like this cover, just wait until you see that it’s a book of stories told by disembodied, dying heads:


Now on the Internet

September 4, 2006

Free and Good:

Writer/director Rian Johnson is giving away the illustrated novella and screenplay of his sterling high-school noir movie, Brick. Go to his site and download it. Oh, and see the movie before you read it, probably.

Free and Good, Except That I’m In It:

Did I mention that the interview I did with those Alabama zanies, the Gamestas, is available online now? Well, it is. Go and listen, you.

Noise: Vector Lovers, “Girl + Robot”