In Starbucks, Back in Time

August 19, 2006

As of this writing, I’m in the Starbucks in Western Springs — the first Starbucks I ever worked at — getting coffee and checking my email as well as I can with this hinckey WiFi setup. Also, I’m traveling through time. Spent all week moving backward and forward through time and space, digging through the remains of my youth and family history in the house my parents are selling and then surfacing for air in the bizarre Now wherein Tony’s getting married, Zach has a son and Seth is working at this very same Starbucks. Long, strange, trips, etc.

So get ready, ’cause the coming theme is time travel and I’ve brought some artifacts into the electric Now from the chilled and dusty remains of the mysterious Past.

Oh, and yesterday I went to a Brewers game at Miller Field, the first time I’d been back in Milwaukee since Gen Con. You don’t care, but there it is anyway.

While I’ve been traveling through time, though, I’ve been out of touch with the present, so tell me what’s been happening with you.

Noise: Orbital, “Remind” (Such synchronicity)


One comment

  1. I’m struggling to keep my bunny alive, other than that wondering why Will has decided act like I no longer exist.

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