Screw On The Head

July 13, 2006

Everybody in the damn world go and watch The Amazing Screw-On Head for free on Sci Fi Pulse, the Sci Fi Channel’s broadband programming channel. This is the pilot to a potential animated series featuring Mike Mignola’s other brilliant creation, a brilliant and cunning and hilarious secret agent who is only a head with a screw-bit for a neck and who saves America on behalf of President Lincoln. He is called the Amazing Screw-On Head and he is, wait for it, amazing.

Watch the entire pilot episode online right now for free right now. If enough of us watch it, Sci Fi may order additional episodes. If Sci Fi does not order additional episodes, I will become intolerable and you will regret knowing me.

Tell your friends. Watch it now. Remember the part where it’s free? Well, it’s free.



  1. “If by candy, you mean ancient forbidden evil, then yes, I told you not to put it in your mouth.”

    This is the first really fun cartoon I’ve seen in a long time. It makes me want to go along for the ride again and again. I’ve not seen a show that straddles the fantastic and the silly quite like that.

  2. Oh, Thom, if you haven’t read the comic you must find it somewhere. You recognize a lot of it from the show, but not all of it. Still, it’s very, very you. There’s just one issue of The Amazing Screw-On Head and you must find it.

    Also, be sure to fill out the survey over there and tell SciFi to make more episodes.

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