Last-Minute Things

June 28, 2006

In something like five hours I’ll leave for the airport and be on why way to the Origins game convention again. As always, it’s in Columbus, OH (“The Arch City”). I’ll have more to say about Columbus in the coming days, I’m sure, ’cause I never blog as much as I do when I travel. Look here and on the Atlanta Metroblog for that stuff, where I compare my return to Midwestern cities after two summers in the South. Like you care.

Anyway, here are some things:

  • This is ridiculous. Sure, this stuff has been done for decades. The disco remix of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind music is glorious kitsch. The remix of James Horner’s music for Search for Spock is silliness. This remix of Klaus Badelt’s mediocre score to Curse of the Black Pearl is absurd. In 20 years, it’ll be silly. In 30 years, if we find that digital music ages as well as records and CDs do through vintage record stores, then it’ll be kitsch. But in the meantime, it must suffer through its own dumbness. I, thank heavens, must not.
  • I love my Epson Stylus Photo RX620, but it drinks ink like I drink Strongbow. Whis is to say, a lot.
  • One reason I got the MacBook Pro is because it can run Windows. But now I have to spend money on a copy of Windows, and I’ve never done that before, because spending money directly on Windows is bullshit. I don’t want Windows. I want to play Eve Online and Call of Duty 2. I don’t want Windows. But what’re you gonna do?
  • I’ve made an exclusive LJ post on the livejournal taking advantage of the LJ user tag for the first time. Call it exercise for name-dropping and roving face time at Origins.
  • On Sunday, I felt like crap. On Monday, I woke up late after having my day sabotaged by a power outage and subsequent internet outage. Feeling irrationally defeated, I went to sleep on Monday afternoon and did not wake up in any meaningful way until almost 5pm… on Tuesday. Still tired. It’s like my brain’s steeped in a clinical alcohol-smelling knock-out drug that drips down my brainstem into my guts and soaks my bones like they were driftwood. Good times.
  • Go to Brian’s livejournal, click on the George Washington link, and know glee. Fair warning, it is crass, over-the-top filth. It is also hilarious and magnificent.
  • iTunes is the absolute worst about cataloging their soundtracks section. Stuff I know is in there somewhere by artists I know are listed in there somewhere is impossible to find once it drops off the main page. This horribly under-attended soundtrack section helps make iTunes feel more like a real record store, though.
  • Added: Vegetarian apparel? Also nuts.

Now, then. To get my shit in order and get my ass to the airport.


One comment

  1. Ah Washington. . . got a wig for his wig, got a brain for his heart. He’ll kick you apart. He’ll kick you apart!

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