Links, Comma, Hyper

June 25, 2006

Yeah, I’ve known for a long time that brown links on an off-white background are a crap idea. The primary virtue of those brown links is that they are not, at least, bile green, which is what I get when I try greens for the links. I like the subdued palette in the rest of the page (it makes me think of Road to Perdition), but I still have no good fix for the hyperlink situation it creates.

How many links have you missed out on because you couldn’t tell them apart from regular black text? As John Connor says in Terminator 2, “Uh, all of them, I think.” So I’m tinkering now with a solution I’m seeing on more and more CSS-driven blogs, with the dotted lines and the hover-over solids and the what not. It’s awfully cluttered looking, though, isn’t it? Especially over in that sidebar. Ugh.

Anyway, I put it to you. If you say nothing, I’ll know that you either a) don’t care, or, b) don’t care and weren’t clicking the links anyway.



  1. The brown is a bit icky, but, you know I just read the feeds..i’m a lazy bastard. I have not paid attention to the hard work of your CSS driven blog, until now. Most of the palette is very nice; brown links have to go.

  2. If you know about the brown on cream issue, are you also aware that in the column on the left you have a heading that reads “feaking out about”?

    I like the dotted underlining.

  3. I’ve never had trouble finding links (as far as I know)- the last system highlighted links as you rolled over then, yes? I don’t mind the brown, but if it’s too close to black for some eyes perhaps it should go. The dots and lines are cluttered (especially for the simple aesthetic you’ve already achieved with the colors and layout). Perhaps a redder (rustier) brown would work?

  4. I think the underlined brown links in the main text blend well with the rest of the design, but I agree the sidebar looks a little cluttered with them. Maybe create a separate sidebar link style without the ul’s?

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