Good Idea at the Time #41

June 18, 2006

On Friday, which the wife and I took off to celebrate her birthday, I also began a weekend more or less free of email. Due to the way I work, I basically never get a real day off, ’cause I’m always either working on something (either under salary or for the freelance money that sometimes makes birthday presents possible — but not, uh, this year) or I’m fretting about not working. The kindling for my ever-burning fires of fret* is the steady supply of email that comes in at all hours of the day, giving me something new to worry about.

So, this weekend I took a break from email. For two days, I just didn’t check my email. Whew. Felt great.

Until today. So now I’ve spent a bunch of Sunday working as usual, planning out the week, trudging through writing that I was hoping I’d enjoy when I thought I could get to it later, etc. This is all made less enjoyable by losing part of my week’s lunch money playing cards last night. (In my defense, it’s been a while since I lost outright in a cash game.)

Anyway, file “Email Vacation” under the heading Bad Idea.

*(I submit Ever-Burning Fires of Fret as a free album title, up for grabs for whoever wants it.)


One comment

  1. Dibs!

    Of course, I already have a two working titles for my album. One is “Rust” (as in scraping off). The other is “Lose the Wait”.
    As you know, I am the great procrastinator. I have a feeling that by the time I put out an actual record, it’ll be called “Arthritis” or “Where are my Keys?”

    I too, have lived the purely “on-call” lifestyle, I can relate to “Ever-Burning Fires of Fret”.

    Maybe if I was a teen pop sensation, the record would be: “Is She Ever Going to Call Again? Oh Puhleeeze, BabyBabyBaby, Show Me You Still Think I’m Good Enough!”

    P.S. I hope my use of the comma and colon are close enough to proper. If not, I’d like to use a little “License”.

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