The Blogs

May 17, 2006

Read them, don’t read them, but here are some of the blogs my friends keep, and why you would enjoy it if you did read them. Noticeably absent from this list: Every damn livejournal I read. Check the links at right if you’re looking for some of those.

A lot of my site design is actually stolen from Jeff’s. His site (when he freaking posts to it) provides great links and things to think about, whether political, gamey or silly. Best of all, he sells it all with wit. If I thought I could say it without becoming a monster, I’d say, “Jeff, stop raising that boy of yours and post on your freaking website, you.”

Brian’s site, also built from the ground up, is a weird one. He’s writing entries over there that feel like actual content, with pictures and stuff (Brian does news websites for a living, btw). The remarkable thing? Brian’s so funny that you might not realize just how pissed he is. But trust me, he’s pissed.

Self Incrimination.blogspot.com
This is Marty’s. When he posts, it’s good. The site’s a light blend of stock Blogger templating (or something like it) and a clean, original design. I think. I dunno. Doesn’t feel like Marty, but it sounds like him.

Thom(as) Chrastka’s MySpace Page
Whoa, brother, do I not like MySpace. It’s noisy, it’s cumbersome and its coding feels straight out of 1998. But some great folks use those tools to get themselves and their music on the Interweb, so who am I to judge? Thom Chrastka’s gonna be a new Tom Waits, one day. You’ll see. In the meantime, check out his fearless, enthusiastic musical blogging and philosophical musings over on his clunky MySpace page.

The Unsinkable MB.blogspot.com
Molly’s over in China with her husband, Matt, teaching rural Chinese kids to speak English. It’s not what I expected, and I’m not sure it’s what she expected, but go on by and see what it’s really like before her term is up. Blogs from the other side of the world fascinate me to no end, especially when their written by visitors I know and love, like Molly. While you’re there, don’t mention the Dalai Llama or your comments will get blocked. Just FYI.

Beauty of Strangeness.blogspot.com
Kate’s over in Seoul, living a whole new life. It’s sad for us left here in the States, but strangely thrilling, too. She’s out there teaching, which is apparently how Americans make money oversees when they had none here to start with. Kate’s got some terrific pictures of life in Korea circulating over there, so be sure to hit her Flickr link and look for her pictures of the DMZ. Seriously. Totally rad.

Shiksa Goddess75.blogspot.com
Now woefully out of date, but since Sharon brought it back to my attention I thought I’d take this time to pressure her into posting some more. Sharon, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are both worth writing about. But so’s San Francisco. Don’t be a stranger now. Also, Shiksa Goddess is a great title.

Tune in next time for some blogs I read by people I don’t know at all.

Noise: Jerry Goldsmith, The 13th Warrior



  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention – hard day today (see blog). Love you too!

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out. I have been meaning to post something new. Perhaps my trip to Yosemite next week will make it on there.

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