Why You!

May 11, 2006

Enough about me. What about you? Did you know that 33% of you get the blog through the Atom feed, even though it seems to be woefully not RSS? Did you know that something like 75% of you come here without links or referrals at all, according to my site stats? I mean, those stats could be complete bogus, how the hell would I know?

So, anyway. What about you? How are you? What’s new with you? Do tell.



  1. It’s Mol – one of the 7 readers on your feedburner thingy. I think I come through as an anonymous reader – to sneak around uncle M@o. Anyhow, it has been pretty lonely in my blog world too. Nanti monyet!

  2. I have no idea what I show up as. Korea is actually lovely, espicially the weather. The only people who read my blog is my family. Which is sweet, they call when I don’t post regularly. Have fun with convention season coming up. I hope you guys are good.

  3. Both of your blogs are in my regular routine, actually. In both cases, strangely, I don’t comment ’cause I feel like it’d just be the jealous blather of a kid who wants to see China or Korea himself.

    (Kate, you’ve got some weird linkage on your blog, by the way.)

    Both of you guys keep writing. I like to dodge out to Seoul or China via your blogs when I’m up late working.

  4. Pshaw on RSS. I come to the page, I load the page in my browser window, because the page is purty.

    My life, since you asked, is insanity. My blog has become a retarded wasteland where I never post anything, and where I desperately need to install the latest version of Movable Type, so I can get a decent comment-spam blacklist utility, because I think I’ve got about 2,000 spam comments to delete when I finally get around to it.

    I finally wrote a decent draft of Whisper Lake, though, so that’s something. And The Sight (which is what the Vehm script came to be called) is still out there working it with mid-tier production entities that specialize in the mid-budget genre stuff that translates well to foreign markets. (You know, your Underworlds, your The Transporters — the stuff that doesn’t depend on a particularly subtle understanding of the English language to appear wikkid-kewl ’round the globe wherever they love them that thar Hollywood stuff.)

    Congrats on buying the house. To own a house is awesome. (Which is to say, to have the bank own a house that they let you live in, is awesome.)

  5. I regularly go to your page. “The Gist Mill” is located in a perfect spot in my Favorites folder as far as height is concerned on the screen. So the sequence goes: check mail, gist mill, mike doughty blog.

  6. It’s Sharon. I think that I show up as zimmsha. I regularly lurk around your website, really I do!

    Life is good, the sun is shining, I’m going to Yosemite in a couple of weeks. SF is a delightful city and I love it here. I had a blog when I was travelling around Nicaragua, but it’s been stale since I moved out here.

    I think that sums it all up.

  7. I get here because I have all my friends’ sites bookmarked, and at least once a day, I use the handy “Open All in Tabs” feature.

    I come for the adventures of a good friend and for the hope that simply by reading you, my own writing and ideas get stronger. I stay for the eggs.

  8. I use the open all tabbed, so I go directly to your blog, Marty’s, Kate’s, and others all at once. I read your blog because I like blogs. They’re self-indulgent yet handy, because it’s a way for us to still observe each others’ lives, even though we’re all geographically scattered. Email is a conversation, blogs are observation. (At least until the comments. Then all bets are off.)

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