Run to Sleep

May 10, 2006

This post offends me: Not only am I writing about my shopping experiences (how could you care?) but I’m also writing about my exercise routine. (I italicize that because it’s a foreign word.) Good lord, it’s like I’m trying drive you five readers (check the counter at right) away.

Well, I’m also trying to post much more frequently. I’m told that volume and frequency trump actual content in blogs. Let’s see if that’s true.

So, two things that I have done or am doing to correct my sleep schedule (including counteracting my insomnia):

1. Finally “bought” the new notebook computer I wanted to get for work. My last one was four years old and, while still good, not doing everything I needed it to do now. Sara has inherited Orbiter, my Compaq notebook. The new one is called Arethusa, to go with the eMac, called Hesperia. (Our iPod is Leucosia.)

This is all after I spent many weeks researching the new notebook, comparing prices, planning for longevity and then finally settling on an Asus that was not-yet-released. Well, my one-month wait turned into three due to tomfoolery in Taiwan, and my order was eventually cancelled by the middlemen in reaction to some delivery shenanigans on behalf of the supplier. I can’t fault any of these people, but I can say that the delay in getting this computer was starting to preoccupy me, ’cause I wanted it before convention season (which starts in a couple of weeks).

So, did a bunch of new research over a couple of days, stopped rueing the release of Boot Camp when it was, and got the new computer yesterday, then slept great. Too great. Way long. Lost a bunch of today, have to stay up late to make it up and will thereby sabotage my sleep schedule again. Braxelfrackit.

(I say “bought,” you understand, because the thing is not remotely paid for yet.)

2. Starting running. Like for real. Meaning mostly, somewhat. In my current state, running the half-to-three-quarters mile-ish I did actually meant walking most of it. Still, better than just the simple one-hand weight lifts and sit-ups I’ve been doing the last couple of months. So, anyway, running is supposed to put me to sleep. And it does, except that my shins feel like rubber bands ’cause, I hear, my shoes are not so good for running. Well whatever. Can’t buy new shoes, ’cause I just got a computer. Also, a house, you might recall.

Good news is our tax rebates for ’06 are gonna be, as they say, hella crazy.


One comment

  1. I’ve started excercising as well, and it’s actually become something I kind of enjoy. I haven’t been lately because I’ve been sick, but I kind of miss it…

    Congrats on the new ‘puter. I have real mixed feelings about Boot Camp, but we’ll see hwo it pans out…

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