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RIP Paul Gleason

May 30, 2006

Prolific actor and ’80s icon Paul Gleason had died. To many, he’s best known as Principal Richard Vernon from The Breakfast Club. To me, he’ll always be Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson from Die Hard. He died of some asbestos-related lung cancer.

I’ll see you, Paul. Every Christmas. When I watch Die Hard.


"Whoa. That ruled."

May 29, 2006

Several times today I’ve been loading the preview of this in iTunes, ’cause it’s been stuck in my head for two days. Which is my brain’s way of saying, “Why did you delete all of your old podcasts?”

To which I say, “because the eMac has only 75GB and they’re almost gone. I get scratch-disk warnings when I check my email!”

And my brain is all, “Whatever, douche.”

So my brain and I aren’t so much speaking right now. But don’t worry. It’ll come back. It almost always does.

Noise: Nitzer Ebb, “Fitness to Purpose”


"Stay Awake and Drive"

May 29, 2006

1. “Destroy Everything You Touch,” Ladytron, Witching Hour
2. “Rolling,” Soul Coughing, Lust in Phaze: The Best of Soul Coughing
3. “The Chimbley Sweep,” The Decemberists, Her Majesty
4. “More Heat Than Light,” The Veils, The Runaway Found
5. “Satin In A Coffin,” Modest Mouse, Good News For People Who Love Bad News
6. “Jerk It Out,” Caesars, 39 Minutes of Bliss […]
7. “Invincible,” OK Go, Oh No
8. “Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong,” The Arctic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am…
9. “Evil,” Interpol, Evil EP
10. “Cosmopolitan,” Nine Black Alps, Everthing Is
11. “Can’t Get Enough,” Infadels, We Are Not the Infadels
12. “Sandstorm,” Darude, Radical Techno, Vol. 5
13. “I Will Survive,” Cake, Fashion Nugget
14. “Screenwriter’s Blues,” Soul Coughing, Lust in Phase again


Still Blade-Running

May 28, 2006

Ridley is at it again with Blade Runner. He’s releasing yet another version of the cyberpunk-noir movie that should be reason enough for studios to make a Neuromancer film, but instead they’ll just release Blade Runner again, and yes that’s still the same sentence. This time, Ridley’s going to disprove Harrison Ford once for all, I imagine, by including some damn thing that’ll demonstrate how Deckard’s a replicant and any gray speculation should cease. Whatever. I’ll see the hell out of it, anyway.

That said, what makes me really happy is that this Blade Runner: Final Cut will feature all three versions of the film when it arrives on DVD. Amen, says I. That old retrofitted version of the movie where Deckard does the old-school private-dick voice over? I want that one just as much as I want the “truer” Ridley Scott version. You know what that voice-over version’s got? Jargon. I’m thrilled to hell that it’s not the sole version of Blade Runner I’ll have, but I’m also perfectly happy to watch that old cut again.

It’s the cut that I saw on VHS when it was delivered to our house via mail-order by mistake. I watched it when, I dunno, I was home alone pretending to be sick from school one day or something. It was weird. Grim. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me at the time. The stuff I could make sense of — people ordering Chinese food, detectives wrestling with police chiefs, cops shooting at criminals — was all wrapped up in this strange future without any explanation. Why would people want to live in a future like that? Why would we build that future? How did they manage to get a whole other Los Angeles onto the screen?

As a kid, Blade Runner fell into a category in my head with Aliens: R-rated, super-dark sci-fi that didn’t have toys (at the time) or cartoons or cereal boxes. They didn’t even have “star” in their titles. They were bizarre, frightening, mystifying and magnificent.

Since we apparently can’t make movies like them anymore, (because they can’t be done for a PG-13 audience, I guess?) I’ll settle for Halloween screenings of Alien and re-issues of Blade Runner.

I will not, however, settle for Alien vs. Predator.

Noise: Watching Way of the Gun


The Comics

May 28, 2006

Here’s what I’ve gotten lately (* and here’s what I’ve actually read):

Mouse Guard: Shadows Within*
BPRD #2*
Talent #1*
Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunt of Horror #1
Marvel’s Civil War #1*
Jeremiah Harm #3
Fear Agent #4
Conan #28
Ex Machina #20*
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #5*
Daredevil #85*


The Way Things Work (Really)

May 28, 2006

About an hour ago, I sat down to work on some blogs for fun. For background, I put on a movie, as I often do. Tonight, it’s Memento, which I recently bought for $5 used — thereby demonstrating one of my favorite things about DVD. I haven’t seen this movie since it was new to DVD. So, I haven’t been so much writing anything. Instead, I’m watching Memento.


Apple Lies (Updated!)

May 19, 2006

Those new Apple commercials say that Macs don’t have to restart? That’s cute. My new, ridiculously expensive MacBook Pro does nothing but restart now.

Every 1 second to 10 minutes, OS X dives and the whole thing has to be reset with the power key. I don’t know what motivation Apple has to make computer that don’t require constant care when they can get more money by getting me to sign up for AppleCare just to keep my expensive, debt-birthing, insomnia-causing purchase running. All the money I spent bought me a computer that ran for almost 13 days.

I have never once had a purchase from the Apple Store in Buckhead, Atlanta go as it was supposed to. First time out, they basically defrauded me, but I’ll call that a mistake. They also told me they could order and install RAM into my eMac, but that’s not true — the Apple Store does not have RAM. I had to buy it (wrongly, once) and install it myself a year later. The “free” printer I got with my MacBook Pro? It’s free when we fill out the rebate stuff, right? No barcode on the box they gave us. So I have to go back to the store again just to get my rebate to work, and it’s not like driving is cheap.

So now everything I bought last week with all that money I frighteningly spent has to be walked back up into the store, deep in the mall, so that they can try to get it right this time. Wish them luck.

Since my MacBook Pro (or MBP, as the kids are calling it) was only 10 days old when it collapsed, the very nice dude at the Apple Store just replaced it for me. I got a brand-new one. All things considered, that’s probably more appealing than waiting two months for a logic board issue to be repaired back at the mothership. Not that the logic board was necessarily the problem. We dunno what the problem was with the MBP (I swear, that’s what they were calling it). The day I took it in, it crashed mid-way through start-up, with its quadlingual message to “push the button” and never ran again.

Nice thing? The price of the MBP dropped $100 in the ten days since I’d bought it, so they refunded me the difference during the replacement process. Good deal.

A couple of days later, though, I realized that machine was still authorized on my iTunes account, so it’ll count against my 5 possible authorizations for the next year. (I had to deauthorize all machines and start over when I got the first MBP, and you can only do that mega-deauthorization once a year.) Also, I lost all the fifth-season episodes of The Shield I’d bought off iTunes onto the MBP (am I saying it right?), and I’d bought them all. So that sucks.

But it was worth it. Until today. When the new MBP started spinning its disc drive every time I brought the computer out of sleep. This is behavior not unlike what the old one was doing when it crashed. The new one is 7 days old today, just three days younger than the first one.

Wish me luck.