Hell Yes, Hellboy

April 17, 2006

The newest Hellboy trade paperback came out this week. I subscribe to all things Hellboy and BPRD through the normally excellent Criminal Records comic book division in Little Five Points, but this week I didn’t get the only two things I ran out at there after work to get. On the day they came out. I’m a greedy, materialistic maroon — it bugs me when I know other people are reading things that I want but don’t have. People who didn’t drop emails to let the comic guys know that Dark Horse had shipped Strange Places a week early. People who don’t subscribe. People who got the last issue of the cataclysmic “Black Flame” series, which somehow missed my subscription box that week. (I still don’t know how it ends.)

Then I think about all the stuff I’ve meant to give to other people and haven’t. Then I feel like an ass. Then I write about it on my blog and remember that there are many kinds of Selfish. Can you count all the Selfish in this post, Timmy?

I knew you could.

Noise: The Dust Brothers, “Jack’s Smirking Revenge”


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