New Old Shows on iTunes

December 6, 2005

The real brilliance in the new slew of NBC shows available through iTunes is the inclusion of old programs like Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Knight Rider. I don’t have to watch another episode of the Hasslehoff Action Hour to tell you that it’s not going to be good for anything but kitsch today. The fact that I liked it as a kid isn’t enough to get me to buy any episode of that show, ’cause kids are dumb. They like anything that talks but shouldn’t. (Like, for example, kids.) But the new video iPods are being bought up by exactly the kind of ’80s-raised tech geeks that’ll drop a slice of their salaries on nostalgic KITT relics.

That said, I’ve purchased episodes of Lost and checked out Night Stalker using iTunes, and have been very happy with the luxury of doing so. If only NBC had back episodes of Law & Order available (over Ted Turner’s dead body, I imagine). Otherwise, the trouble with this new slew of TV shows on iTunes is that I’d rather get things like Battlestar Galactica‘s sophomore season on DVD, in a format that I can watch on more than just the one single computer I bought it on. Every episode of Lost I buy is, in theory, an exception, “just this once,” ’cause I don’t want to fall behind this season.

Anyway, this trend towards consumable television episodes makes me happy. When Apple releases its inevitable central home entertainment unit — I imagine it’ll be a Mac Mini-sized thing with one ridiculous button on its face and a cute chrome apple — I’ll be a happy boy. I’d rather buy an episode here or there of this show or that than shell out for TiVo and cable TV. The day I bring those seductive demon women into my house is the last day I put on shoes and go to work. I’ll end up with a few glorious days of nonstop television, and then I’ll be fired, homeless and without television of any kind.


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