Holiday Update

December 1, 2005

Because someone specifically asked, I’ve updated my Amazon wishlist, at right. If you detest Amazon and don’t want to shop with them, that’s fine, but know that the list is a good gauge of what I like in gifts, since you asked.

Dollars are few this year, so aside from airfare I’m afraid the wife and I just don’t have much to give. Some of you who deserve gifts won’t get them. Some of you who get them will fake your smiles and think to yourself, “What the fuck?” Some of you who buy us gifts will feel like you did not receive reciprocal giving. It’s all right to tell us that, so that we can maybe make up for it later.

Real writing coming later.


One comment

  1. Bah; you guys always give the best gifts. Jackie almost cried when she saw the gifts you gave me and Tony.

    Anyone that doesn’t appreciate it can fuck off. That’ll be my gift to you two: I will tell anyone you want to go fuck themselves.

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