Big Comic Haul

November 3, 2005

It takes me weeks to find the time to pick up the comics I subscribe to at Criminal Records here in Atlanta. When I’m as busy as I’ve been of late, I end up buying a pretty big stack, all at once. For no reason at all, here I list for you all the titles I picked up this week. Some are subscriptions, some are impulse buys or experiments.

The Surrogates #1 & #2 – Sci-fi detective tale with robots and stuff. Haven’t read it yet.

Jenny Finn: Messiah – Conclusion to the tale of Jenny Finn, now from Boom! Studios.

Books of Magick: Life During Wartime – Got into my subscription pile by… mistake?

The Goon – I have something like four issues of this that I still haven’t read yet.

Ex Machina #15 – I’ve been reading it gingerly after missing a vital issue somewhere. Still great.

Conan #21 – I get it for Cary Nord’s terrifically natural art. Sometimes I even read it.

Daredevil vs. Punisher #5 – Given to me by assumption. Can’t bear the art in it and haven’t read it.

Revelations #3 – Spooky but not yet engrossing. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the last issue.

Silent Dragon #4 – Dunno what’s going on in it, but it’s effing lovely, pencils, inks and all.

Daredevil #78 – They tell me Bendis and Maleev are bailing. I probably will, too, then.

Sea of Red #5 – A little late to get on board, but it’s got vampires, so it’s work-related.

BPRD: The Black Flame #3 – I subscribe to four other titles to be sure I don’t miss this one.

Loveless #1 – Sampling this hard-riding western. Hope it’s good.

Conan and the Demons of Khitai #2 – Conan in Japan or something.

Fear Agent #1 – Dude at the store recommended it. Rockets, monsters, bubble-helmets. Yeah.

What are you reading?

Noise: Kinky, “The Headphonist”



  1. It’s true: Bendis and Maleev are leaving @80. I’ll let you know if DD is still any good.

    And the only thing to like about DD v Punisher is the constant beatings Punny takes. But for that, just read issue 1.

    The art is bad, the writing is bad…. but the action is fun. by my liberal stands, that’s a d-

  2. I don’t really read comics anymore, and haven’t for many years, but by weird coincidence I stumbled into a local comics store because I happened to (a) park my car in front of it on my way to the nearby Kinko’s when it was (b) actually open. I’ve known the store was there for more than a year, but a confluence of (a) my presence, and (b) actually open, had yet to occur before the week before last.

    Anyway, I picked up issues 1 and 2 of Fell, which I’m pretty sure I had read about on Variety’s comics blog, which itself is otherwise unmeritorious, and which I have since stopped reading.

    But anyway, Fell 1 and 2, I enjoyed a lot. Full stories per issue, with extended blog-like prose from Ellis in the back of each. Good stuff.

    (Apparently they are reprinting these, as they have sold out. I guess other people like them, too.)

    I also recently picked up a copy of Understanding Comics at the library, which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot.

  3. I hate you all.
    I’m not reading any comics.
    I miss Chicago Comics.
    I will have to pick up everything when I get back, in compulation form, including some of the comics you mentioned.

    But, I have a out of print Frank Herbert novel, Destinatin: Void, which is supposed to be good.

  4. I’m guessing that reading about vampires on your down time is probably one of the last things you want to do, but Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian is much better than any piece of immediately popular fiction has any right to be. I’ve been reading it for all of my free time over the past two days–and when I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about it.

    Men of Tomorrow is also amazing, AND relates to comics. It’s about the early days of the comic book, an excellent companion to Chabon’s Kavalier and Klay

  5. I’m reading KING-CAT, go buy one. and rereading for the 10th time, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. best comic i’ve ever read.

  6. Will:

    you will enjoy Fell.

  7. Fell caught my eye in the newest issue of Previews, but once again I seemed to catch wind of it two issues from the beginning. Still, I’ve got the good folks at Criminal getting me all the issues now.

  8. Alison, on your recommendation, I’m getting The Historian. I don’t mind reading about vampires off the clock, so long as they’re not exactly the same as ours.

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