Cheap Bullets

October 24, 2005

In 2000, while messing around with a indy comics outfit called Soon Studios, I wrote the script for a one-shot story called “Cheap Bullets.” I recently came into possession of the image files again and reassembled them into a PDF edition of the comic. Here it is. Enjoy.



  1. “Neat.” It’s one of those comics I’d pick up, read, think,”this is neat.” and save my money, because it’s only 8 pages. (I miss my comic store, Chicago Comics Rocks!)

    Hope Chicago, isn’t killing you.
    I love that fact an Alley shirt is on the cover. It made me laugh and homesick all at once.

    “Stay” comes to Korea Nov. 3, going to see it.

    : )

  2. kate, what do you mean an alley shirt on the cover?

  3. Umm, it kind of looks like a shirt from The Alley. Or I am smoking crack, which might be the case.

  4. Re: Comic — That’s pretty fucking awesome.

    Re: “Anon7” — I was in a gaming club once with a dude whose legal first name was “Ry4an.” The 4 was silent. He had been just plain Ryan originally, but he found out that if your name had a numeral in it, the people who administered the SAT had to hand-grade your exam, and that people who had their exams hand-graded performed statistically better than those who were machine graded.

  5. I had forgotten about this story! This was one of the only real products of the whole “soon studios” venture. I really did love this comic. Still holds up. I think the clincher for me was the “gamma rays” question. It’s always a treat to see anon’s art. It’s worth waiting for. I remember the windowless office, and getting really out of it with mikey and anon. I must have had some zen moment where my arm actually worked for ten minutes and I drew a portrait of mr. giba. Showed it to Anon. His remark was, “Ok there, Dave Mckean!” I would take that as a compliment.

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