Three Unrelated Things

October 20, 2005

1. Special thanks to Jeff Tidball for turning me on to nms at SourceForge.net. It is because of him, and the excellent free program support from nms, that I finally have my coveted random pictures appearing in the upper right-hand corner.

B. Our hamster, Kinkajou, is losing her hair a little bit. Her neck now looks like that of any old lady’s. She sleeps a little more and eats a little less. She’s creeping past the average lifespan for a hamster, and it seems that her time is running out. Also, when she drinks, she rinses her mouth out. It’s darling.

  • Somewhere along the way, I’ve lost both copies of the Glory soundtrack I had. For a time, it was a staple of my soundtrack collection. Now it’s been years since I heard it and, suddenly, I want very badly to hear it again. Dammit.

Aren’t you glad you asked.


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