CSS = Crazy, Sexy, Stellar

October 13, 2005

Why, yes, I have revised the layout of the site again. Through the wonders of CSS I was able to revise the appearance of the site drastically without having to do a lot of new coding. Even the Essays page has a new look, much different than the boring old thing. I even have two essays to drop on there in the near future.

I’m not sure this is better, but it’s a little livelier and matches the site’s front page a bit better, so there’s that. Call it an exercise.

I know you have opinions. Give them to me. Give me your opinions.

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  1. The banner of photos looks great.

    Sidebar on the right is the better choice.


  2. Looks magnificent. CSS rocks. But I always though it stood for “Cuts Superfluous Shit.”

  3. (will)
    “The Gist Mill is Dead.”
    (all and will)
    “Long live The Gist Mill!!”

    I agree with jeff, the banner of photos is greapendous. It is a little different, for me, having the sidebar on the right side. That’s just world wide conditioning. I’m always amazed at the quality of the photos. It’s like having a friend’s personal National Geographic. What sort of camera/lens etc. do you two use? I want one.

  4. Oh yeah, and kudos on listening to the Calexico record. They fit into the “bands I should be playing with” category

  5. I like it–looks less like the typical default blogger arrangement.

  6. Thanks, y’all. I’ve now uploaded all the new pages, and will sooner or later be adding content to some of them.

    Thom, thanks for the kind words. Sara’s using a Nikon D70 SuperExpensive Swanky9000 or something like it. I took most of those on the front page (if not all) using our Olympus Stylus little digital camera with the sliding metal hatch and bad attitude. (It doesn’t so much work anymore, but I should take it to get cleaned.)

    Sometime soon I’m hoping to get Sara her own gallery show at a local coffee shop or something, and we’ll set up her site to sell prints and all that then.

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