Ecto One

August 29, 2005

Marty’s got me trying out this Ecto software for writing blogs even when I’m offline. It seems nice, but I’m still skeptical. Still, how many fancy doodads does have to have to be worth my while, really?

What do you all use to write your own blogs or journal entries? Do you write straight into LJ or Blogger, or do you do something else fancy and technochic?



  1. Ecto rocks. Easy insertion of URLs and automatic spellchecking was enough to get me to pony up for the shareware fee. Of course, I’m also using WordPress for my blog, and it’s all fairly seamless.

  2. Short posts go directly into MT, but longer ones begin in TextWrangler and are then pasted into MT via, you know, cut (Edit > “Cut”) and paste (Edit > “Paste”).

    Also, welcome home, noodles! We missed you!

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