Do Better

July 17, 2005

Put in High Fidelity over lunch yesterday, ’cause I wanted to get a Chicago vibe while working on the book for Chicago in the World of Darkness. Maybe it was the scotch and the stale cigar, maybe it was the sleeping dog or the wife out at work, maybe it was me procrastinating work at one of my all-time top five dream jobs, but there came this conclusion again, which is true and won’t leave me alone: I have never done anything as well as I could.

I must do better.



  1. Often times, I feel the same way. Many people say to me, “Wow! You left town and you’re working in the field you actually wanted to work in! You’re doing great!” Granted, it’s better than managing a starbucks, but… yeah. I agree. I haven’t done enough to feel like I’m there.

  2. I’m not sure that any of us do feel like we’ve done enough. More importantly, I’m not sure that any of us ever _should_ feel like we’ve done enough. I know artists who have spent 15+ years working on their craft and still see room for improvement in every piece that they make. If they felt satisfied with their work, if they felt comfortable in their craft, then their work would feel stale and lifeless. Complacency and comfort are an artist’s worst enemies. Yes, you must do better. You must _always_ do better.

  3. You could always be me. Look how far you’ve come by comparison, then realize you’re much closer to getting where you want to go than where you started out. It’s not about doing better per se, just conitinuing “to do”.


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