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Sign of a Deadline

July 22, 2005

For breakfast: cappucino-, licorice- and lemon-flavored jelly beans.

Thought Process: Consider how the audience might misinterpret that statement if it were written as, Cappucino, licorice and lemon jelly beans.

Not Thought: Jelly beans are not for breakfast.

Noise: Fluke, “Kitten Moon”


Do Better

July 17, 2005

Put in High Fidelity over lunch yesterday, ’cause I wanted to get a Chicago vibe while working on the book for Chicago in the World of Darkness. Maybe it was the scotch and the stale cigar, maybe it was the sleeping dog or the wife out at work, maybe it was me procrastinating work at one of my all-time top five dream jobs, but there came this conclusion again, which is true and won’t leave me alone: I have never done anything as well as I could.

I must do better.


The Future Is Cool

July 15, 2005

Surely most of you have seen the links to the brilliant and sexy Optimus Keyboard, but for the two of you who haven’t there it is. Each key is a tiny screen that can change to show you what the key you’re about to press really does. Who hasn’t wanted to have a keyboard like this before? When that keyboard becomes the standard, it will truly be tomorrow.


July 4, 2005

FBI SPECIAL AGENT CASPER (Played by Clark Gregg): Listen, churches are burning down. Otherwise, I’d be hitting on you.

From The West Wing, “Bartlet For America,” by Aaron Sorkin

It’s like a gene. If Sorkin’s teleplays had kids, this is the stuff they’d pass on, along with an affection for blondes and an addictive personality.


July 3, 2005
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Gibson Got Paid For Cyberspace

July 2, 2005

Here’s an interesting little article about the homeless culturephile and first-generation internet diarist who may have coined the word weblog.


More Than I Can Chew

July 2, 2005

Here’s a new manifestation of my recurring idiocy, which compels me to take on more than I can responsibly do at any one time: I’ve signed on with the Atlanta Metroblog as a regular, unpaid writer. It’s just a fun way to get a feel for certain slices of certain cities and I thought it would be a good authorial exercise for me to take up, like jogging to get in shape. Also, I wanted to show up Marty, who’s on the Chicago Metroblog but hardly ever finds the time to write.