June 26, 2005

And now, some film moments that have been in my mind of late, shared with you for no particular reason:

From Shakespeare In Love:

WILL has climbed aboard VIOLA’S boat and is tearing open the letter. What he reads causes him great pain. He collapses into the stern seat next to VIOLA.

Oh, Thomas! She has cut my strings! I am unmanned, unmended and unmade, like a puppet in a box.

Writer, is he?

WILL turns on him savagely.

Row your boat!

From Rounders:

MIKE: I got trip aces.
GREEK FRY COOK: All I got is a pair. Jacks.
GREEK RESTAURANTEUR: Jacks? Look at him? Does he look like a man who is beaten by Jacks?
GREEK DINER: Jacks are monsters compared to the crap you play, Yuri.
GREEK RESTAURANTEUR: Fuck you. Fuck you.
GREEK DINER: Fuck me? Fuck you!

Noise: “End Theme,” Zero 7


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