Best. Lighter. Ever.

May 25, 2005

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Pic #8.jpg
Pic #8.jpg,
originally uploaded by wordboy.

Got this at the S&S Smoke Shop in Birmingham, Alabama (aka, The Magic City; aka, The Pittsburgh of the South). It’s a winky image — tip it this way and you get ET, the Extraterrestrial, tip it that way and you get a big flaming skull. Open it up to make use of its dual butane jets and multicolored lights flash behind the images.

They had another one there with dolphins and a naked lady, but I had to get this one. There’s never been a better lighter — not even the light-up Chairman Mao lighter that plays the Chinese national anthem.

Gah. Call it a tie, then.



  1. I want the Chairman Mao one! Buy it for me now!


  2. Alas, I don’t know where to get the Chairman’s lighter these days. A friend of mine had one back in the day, and every so often it would appear in the glove box of somebody’s car and delight us for weeks before disappearing again. At present, Mao is MIA.

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