May 19, 2004

Wedding to be Held 100 Years Ago
We’re just about positive we’re having the wedding at the Glessner House, located in the historic Prarie Avenue District of Chicago. Sara says “It’s as close as we’re going to get to being married in Chicago a hundred years ago.” And so it shall be.

I’ve finally caught a bit of a breather from my utterly ridiculous work schedule. Then I took on a new assignment, signed an NDA, and started work on that. So now I’m busy again. In the best way, though, really. ‘Cause weddings is ‘spensive.

Yesterday, for example, I got three hours of sleep (4:30am to 7:30am) and plumb forgot to eat. For a while I thought that would be how I lost weight for the wedding, but later on my brain felt like a sponge floating in a fish bowl, then my skull cracked open and leaked whine all over my evening, so maybe I need a new plan. It did clear one thing up for me, though: Perhaps I got all those headaches in high school because I wasn’t sleeping or eating breakfast? ‘Course, that and gym class got me thin for a little while, too. So ’round and ’round I go.


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