May 10, 2004

Just Data
Estimated number of soldiers and guards to be keeping the peace during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens: 50,000
(Source: Time Magazine)

Estimated number of US soldiers keeping the peace in the country of Afghanistan: 11,000
(Source: National Geographic Magazine)

Blogger Now
Blogger’s been updated with a new site, a whole mess of new features, and commenting that seems to be incompatible with this blog. So it looks like I’ll be staying with Haloscan for now. Just FYI.

Sick(ness) of Canada
To be honest, I really liked Canada, but I think I got the SARS. I’ll have a fuller review of BayCon in the near future. Right now, I’m just too busy with work I didn’t get done before I left the country.

The last few days have been an ugly, sweaty mess. On approach to MSP airport, I became startlingly nauseous. That was Monday. By Thursday, I couldn’t eat, or was very sorry if I did.

Now I’m on the rebound, but so behind schedule that this week promises to be horrific. I don’t know why I let myself get behind like this, but each time I do, it’s a little bit less and my discipline and work schedule gets a little better. So things will get better, but right now I’m still up to my ears in my own fuck-uppery.

I am, however, going to marry a beautiful, brilliant, and caring girl who’d rather come play poker with the guys than go on a girls’ night out with the ladies. So who am I to complain?


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