April 8, 2004

Feed: Fed
At the request of some busy folks, I’ve attached one of those popular RSS Feeds to this here website. It means I’ll have to start linking some things differently so that your reading software at home won’t get lost. Worse, it means that a lot of the recent changes I’ve made to the site’s appearance lately won’t be worth a damn to you feed-readers. Such, they tell me, is life.

So, you want to get fed? That’s what clicking is for. This link lives permanently to the left, under the pictures, as usual.

Update: Blogger’s Atom software is rewriting certain links for the RSS feed, which thereby breaks them. I can’t imagine why it’s doing this, but there it is. If you’re having trouble getting any links to work, please just come straight to the site and click them here. Atom’s need to send you to archived pages is obnoxious.

Archives: Archived
Some simple changes to the archives mean that, even though the archived pages themselves are still wickedly hideous, the archive page itself is not. I don’t have the time or the interest in going and making those archive pages make sense after all this time. The text should be as good as it ever was, aged like a fine wine in a cherrywood crate next to the radiant water-heater.

Poker: Poked
One knows the student has graduated when she outlasts the instructor. This past weekend at a gloriously crowded home no-limit hold-’em tournament in Chicago, Sara went one seat further than I did to finish in the last non-paying position in the game. In a tournament with three money-winning seats, the fourth seat is the absolute worst spot to be. That is, if you’ve got the short stack at the table there’s no incentive for the other players to even play with you. They can (and probably should) let you bleed blinds until desperate efforts to double-up finally knock you out of the game. It’s what happened to Sara in the end, but she did it at a table with some of the best poker players I know.

After the initial sting of defeat, though, we were pretty happy with our results. Neither of us had to re-buy through the whole tournament and we were the last two blokes who could be out without winning money. To do that, we had to outlast some much more experienced players. It was a good feeling. It was a better feeling to put mighty Mike, the most dedicated, most experienced poker player I know, onto a really tough call: all-in over the top after a big raise from Mike. I do love poker.

Now, then, it’s time to seriously start snowballing my bankroll for a trip to the Canterbury Park card room. I’ve been noodling around the garage long enough, I think. I’d like to hit the highway a couple of times before I land in Vegas this September.


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