April 6, 2004

Hellboy Revised
As a self-indulgant, opinionated snob I often find myself slighting a movie for not doing something the way I would have done it. I, for example, wouldn’t have made Pearl Harbor blow, so I hold that against it. Here, then, are a few things I would’ve done differently, but not necessarily better, with Hellboy–bearing in mind that some of this might not have been possible on-budget. This isn’t a wholly new story, this is a revision; me playing script doctor or something…

Read the rest of this here.

Franz Ferdinand
Two cars collided on a Scottish highway, one with The Clash on the radio and the other with a Strokes CD in the player. In the crucible of that crash, the first Franz Ferdinand album was created. Fire your decoding laser into that cradle and hear the heavily engineered sound of a rock record that’s a little bit ’80s and a little bit Right Now. Plus, you can dance to it.


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