March 10, 2004

Guilt-Induced Mandatory Update
Lots going on lately with the wedding-related shenanigans and shopping, writing and editing of books, handling and avoiding of boring office work, playing and playing more of video games, etc. The slow accumulation of comments, judgments, and snobbish inaugural posts on blogs like Robin Laws’ new one* has me at once feeling like I should engage in compulsive debate or adopt my best elitist posture. Both would be accurate of my opinions and embarassing, so I’m opting to go on as I do. The issue is this: Is the blog, in practice, a pompous thing? What duty do I have to entertain you people? How much latitude should you give me on soliloquies like this one, all introspective and shit?

Long have I said that I’d add more meaningful essays, reviews, and articles in here for the sake of keeping you folks coming back. Often do I stop myself for fear of being caught with an opinion outside the caliber I’m allowed to carry by law. More often do I stop myself to keep from giving away the idea that might bear better fruit in someone else’s fertile head. Most often do I stop because there is television. Always with the damn television.

Here’s to adding what they call content in the website business, and soon. Until then, here’s your update: Notice that Friends of the Dragon has been removed from the left; it’s out the door and off to press. Much relief was had by me. Notice, too, that I am writing part of Frostholm, which will be exciting to you only if you already know what it is. Notice, third, that I am no longer playing Knights of the Old Republic, not because of I have finished it but quite the opposite. Rainbow Six 3 is now the sweetheart of my Xbox, good for both single player and multiplayer. I surmise that all the quality which might have gone into it’s title has gone instead into the product itself.

(*Robin’s new blog looks to be quite a good read, by the way, especially if you like new, made-up words.)

Noise: Andrew Bird, “Case in Point”


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