February 11, 2004

Questions from Jeff
Jeff Mackintosh has donated some questions to me for the Interview Meme. This was a hard bunch with ugly answers.

1) Considering I don’t really know who you are, who are you? Not your bio from the back of a book or anything like that – really, who are you?
A scattered freelance writer and game designer who’s always half done with things but childishly wants to get credit for them now. I’m lazy. I’m moody. I like to think I’m funny, and will force it on you at conventions until you laugh enough to make me go away. I’m fascinated by this Interview Meme even though I dread being summarized.

2) Who do you respect the most (and no cliche answers like “mom and dad”)?
Tricky. Right now, I’ll say the people who are pleasant and polite across economic and perceived class lines. I respect people who’s default stance with strangers is to be nice. I’m sure that’s too vague to be of interest, but I’m fuzzy on “mosts.” Maybe I’m confusing admiration and respect.

3) Why did you get involved in the gaming industry? Also, is it something that you want to continue doing for some time to come or is it a means-to-an-end?
A combination of a genuine love for the hobby and the belief that I could actually get through the door here. That’s not especially flattering, but it’s true. (I’d be trying to get into the film business, but it seems too difficult.) Hopefully it says something positive that, while writing RPGs isn’t easy, it feels natural and intuitive for me, and that’s why it seemed accessible.

I want to keep writing in the gaming business, to be sure, but it’s also a certain means to an end. At the same time, I want to write in as many different mediums as possible, so I’m not content here. Since I doubt that I’d be able to give up gaming, though, I think I’ll always want to contribute meaningfully to the hobby. I’m delighted by the art and craft of RPG design and want to contribute, to play in the sandbox, to show off my own games and see what people think. It’s entirely possible, though, that my enthusiasm could be exhausted.

4) What’s your dream job? What would you drop everything to do if you suddenly had the skillset and the opportunity?
Direct. No doubt. Direct feature films. It’s not something I just think about; I yearn for it.

5) What is the one story you want to tell the world? Why?
Man am I bad at singling things out. I’m too flighty. As of this writing, I really want to tell a ground-level morality tale about the differences in the way we live as people, the ways we make wonderful and terrible differences in each other’s lives, and the way we live so close to such different people. Of course, I want to cast this tale with futuristic characters and intriguing new images to give the audience (reader/gamer) something flavorful and fantastic to draw them into the escapism, to stick with them, and to make the imaginary seem more real. This is all a direct result of what I’m working on right now, however.

The idea of telling a single story is so contrary to why I write, but so central to why I freeze up and have difficulty finishing things.

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