February 1, 2004

Saturday Night Crazy Party Extreme Antics
I’m at the office, writing emails and updating web pages for a big sale at Warehouse23. Watch the fuck out, it’s totally crazy and wild. Woohoo

A&E television has been airing (and releasing on DVD) episodes of the BBC’s domestic espionage program MI-5. It was advertized to me as a sort of Alias, Mission: Impossible sort of show and, while it’s neither, I’m now trying to decide if I’ll get another disc of the show in from Netflix or not. On the one hand, the show’s somewhat boring and the cast is rather unremarkable. On the other hand, it makes admirable attempts to replace its budget with style. On the first hand, it’s presentation isn’t nearly so edgy or effective as it believes. On the latter hand, they stuck a good-guy spy’s face in a deep fryer before shooting her in the head, which was very, very surprising (as you might guess), which means they might keep surprising me. Do I want to go on being surprised in such unsettling ways?


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