November 23, 2003

Games, I Say
Wanted to drop some mention of things I’m currently working on. I’m in that mode where, about to leave town, I want to get too much done before I go and so work on all sorts of things at once, eeking forward on all. That was another fucking long sentence. Anyway, I’m currently actively working on a new book, a wizardly card game, RPG scenarios, a forthcoming Spycraft campaign in miniature, my Lord of the Rings RPG limited-run campaign (which is the same as a “campaign in miniature,” but doesn’t repeat the phrase outside of parentheses), a pair of fetal card games, and a new RPG. That last one, specifically, is a new, fuller edition of a game that I’ve been tinkering with for years. Some of you will recognize it, but I’m hesitant to mention in on the internet for fear of the Great Self-Inflicted Jinx.

However, I’ll need playtesters for that one. When depends on exactly how interested the playtesters are in getting started. I’m thinking specifically of Chicago-based playtesters. You know who you are. Comment below or email me if you’re interested. This is a wholly new system, not d20 or a derivative, and is focused on scenic and narrative action rather than tactical action. Just so you know.


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