November 17, 2003

Sickness and Health
Sara has been pulled under the weather by a hideous, dizzying cold. We think she may have gotten it from Scott, with whom he saw a local theatre company’s production of Into the Woods on Saturday. (Happy Birthday, Scott!) Today is the birthday of my boss, John, who is sick in altogether different ways. (Happy Birthday, John!) I am surrounded by illness.

The good news is that I made a sort of breakthrough on some new game mechanics last night, but that would-be project is still hush-hush and in the far-off future. So let’s pretend I just mentioned how I’m flying through a replay of Splinter Cell (in the absence of a new game to play). This time through, the game is just what I needed. I sat on the couch with the Xbox controller and my laptop. I’d type out a few notes and ideas for a forthcoming book, then prowl through the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar for a few minutes, then type some more. Good times for this geek.

As requested, more pictures are coming. I’ve got lots of emails and phone calls to get back to. Peace out.

[Edit:] I didn’t write anything that gave reason to the “and Health” title above. So this: Splinter Cell is a good source of Vitamin D, or something. Carry on.

Noise: Barenaked Ladies, “Upside Down”


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