October 21, 2003

The Indiana Jones DVDs are now in my possession. I need new eyeglasses, but I need new Indy DVDs more, don’t I? Likewise, I’m currently listening to the new BNL CD, Everything to Everyone. I’m only four tracks in, so I can’t really say what’s up with it. The Kill Bill continues to be sold out everywhere on the whole planet. I hear only four copies of the CD were pressed. In related (that is to say, RZA) news, the Japanese import of the Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai soundtrack is finally available on Amazon. For forty-five damn dollars. Wealthy readers might consider purchasing that for me. It’s got the RZA (who just did the original music for Kill Bill, too) playing great games with modern beats and traditional Japanese sensibilities. Someday soon, maybe.

Of course, Crimson Skies came out for the Xbox today, too. Why does everything always appear on the same day? I suppose it’s possible that I could’ve seen some of this days or weeks before … if I had new eyeglasses.


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