October 9, 2003

Special Appearance
Good news: Marty Gleason will be appearing here in the Cities, at my apartment, for one weekend only. Don’t miss this show. Who knows what we’ll get Marty to eat or drink for money while he’s here!

More likely, Sara and Marty and I will attempt to find some autumn-related Minnesota activities to undertake. Those of you who have some idea how Sara and I met might make note of this sort of weekend as I am now doing, and so infer how delighted I am that a weekend like this is possible. It’ll be a good weekend, methinks. If nothing else, Marty will get to meet Ursa the hamster, which is nice.

I notice, too, that I haven’t mentioned the terrific Erin McKeown show last week at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. I’ll sit down and do that soon. It was a great time and a real treat to meet Erin and the folks who make her travelling musician’s life possible. So word to that.

It seems that I’m constantly mentioning how I’ll write something of substance here in the future. Perhaps I’ll take the laptop out to Grumpy Steve’s cliff-side coffee shop in Stillwater this weekend and write something nice in there. We’ll see, I guess.


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